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Todd M. Weiss As Your Mediator

I have been a court appointed mediator for over 15 years. I presently mediate 150-200 cases per year. I am appointed by family court judges from several different counties. I continue to attend advance legal education seminars concerning mediation.

There are different types of mediation including facilitative and evaluative mediation. In Oakland County mediation usually occurs with the parties and their legal counsel. In other counties, it is common for the litigants to participate in mediation without legal counsel present. I also mediate prior to the parties filing for divorce, however typically mediation occurs after the divorce has been filed. The majority of my mediations occur with both parties being represented by legal counsel.

Mediation is a cost effective method to resolve disputes. Mediation often leads to solutions that are mutually beneficial. Mediation provides the parties an opportunity to develop creative, lasting settlements that will avoid future litigation. The parties can prioritize their families' needs and values without losing control of their goals and priorities. Mediation provides confidentiality and privacy. Mediation allows the parties to fully participate in creating a mutually satisfactory settlement. Mediation is only successful when both parties provide full disclosure of all assets and liabilities and have a desire to reach a settlement without protracted litigation.

As an attorney/third-party neutral mediator I do not represent either party. An attorney/third-party neutral mediator does not provide legal advice nor are they a legal advocate for either party.

If you wish to try mediation, I invite you to contact my office at (248) 830-7634.

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